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Read 8 Discrete Inputs from Modbus-TCP Server – Server available at Port 502 (IP-Address – Starting Address “1”, Number of Inputs to Read: “8” (Notice that the Starting address might be shifted by “1”. In this example we are reading 8 Inputs, the first is Register “1” (Addressed with “0”) modbusClient = ModbusClient(‘’, 502)[…]

Java: Read an Write 32 Bit Values


Java: Modbus TCP Client Example


Java: Modbus TCP Server Example


Codesamples EasyModbusTCP.NET

.NET: Modbus-RTU Master Simple Read and Write operations

.NET: Modbus-TCP  Client Simple Read and Write operations

Read Values from Modus-Server and Publish the Values to a MQTT-Broker

Automatically poll values from a Modus-Server and Publish them to a MQTT-Broker – The Topic are changed

Modbus-TCP Server which publishes the values on[…]