EEIP .NET – Methods

Namespace: Sres.Net.EEIP Class: EEIPClient public List<Encapsulation.CIPIdentityItem> ListIdentity() List and identify potential targets. This command shall be sent as braodcast message using UDP. public UInt32 RegisterSession(UInt32 address, UInt16 port) Sends a RegisterSession command to a target to initiate session Returns the Session Handle Input Parameters: address: IP-Address of the target device port: Port of the target device (default[…]

Python ModbusClient – Methods

Class:  ModbusClient Constructor def __init__(self, *params) Constructor for Modbus RTU (serial line): modbusClient = ModbusClient.ModbusClient(‘COM1’) First Parameter is the serial Port Constructor for Modbus TCP: modbusClient = ModbusClient.ModbusClient(‘’, 502) First Parameter ist the IP-Address of the Server to connect to Second Parameter is the Port the Server listens to def Connect(self) Connects to a Modbus-TCP[…]

.NET ModbusServer – Events

Namespace:  EasyModbus Class:  ModbusServer   holdingRegistersChanged Occurs after the Holding Registers has been changed by a Client. The Method which is called by the delegate has to have two parameters: int registers and int numberOfRegisters Example:

coilsChanged Occurs after the coils has been changed by a Client. The Method which is called by the[…]

Java: ModbusServer – Interfaces

public interface ICoilsChangedDelegator { public void coilsChangedEvent(); } Interface has to be implemented to get notified if Coils has been changed public interface IHoldingRegistersChangedDelegator { public void holdingRegistersChangedEvent(); } Interface has to be implemented to get notified if Holding Registers has been changed public interface ILogDataChangedDelegator { public void logDataChangedEvent(); } Has to be implemented[…]

Java ModbusServer – Methods

Package: Class: ModbusServer void Listen() throws IOException Method opens port and starts listening for incomming requests from client. void StopListening() Stops Server void setPort(int port) Sets Server Port void setFunctionCode1Disabled(boolean functionCode1Disabled) Disables Function Code 1 (Read Coils) void setFunctionCode2Disabled(boolean functionCode2Disabled) Disables Function Code 2 (Read Discrete Inputs) void setFunctionCode3Disabled(boolean functionCode3Disabled) Disables Function Code 3 (Read[…]

Java ModbusClient – Methods

Package: Class:  ModbusClient ModbusClient() Constructor – Executed when Object is created ModbusClient(string ipAddress, int port) Constructor – Executed when object is created Parameter ipAddress: IP-Address of Modbus-TCP Server Parameter port: Port of Modbus-TCP Server listening void Connect() Connects to the Modbus-TCP Server or Modbus-RTU Slave void Connect(string ipAddress, int port) Connects to the Modbus-TCP[…]

.NET ModbusServer – Methods

Namespace:  EasyModbus Class:  ModbusServer void Listen() Method opens port and starts listening for incomming requests from client. void StopListening() Stops Server public void DeleteRetainedMessages(string topic) Deletes all retained data from MQTT-Broker for a topic topic: Topic to delete  

.NET ModbusClient – Properties

Namespace:  EasyModbus Class:  ModbusClient bool Connected returns “TRUE” if client is connected to Server; otherwise “FALSE” string IPAddress Gets or Sets the IP-Address of the Server to be connected int Port Gets or Sets the Port were the Modbus-TCP Server is reachable (Standard is 502) bool UDPFlag Gets or Sets the UDP-Flag to activate Modbus UDP. byte UnitIdentifier Gets or[…]

.NET ModbusClient – Methods

Namespace:  EasyModbus Class:  ModbusClient Constructor  ModbusClient(string ipAddress, int port) Constructor for Modbus TCP and Modbus UDP connection. string ipAddress: Ip- Address of the Modbus TCP Server int port: Port of the Modbus TCP Server listening (Standard is 502) Constructor  ModbusClient( string serialPort) Constructor for serial connection (Modbus RTU). String serialPort: Name of the serial port to be used (e.g. “COM1”)[…]