Java: ModbusServer – Interfaces

public interface ICoilsChangedDelegator { public void coilsChangedEvent(); } Interface has to be implemented to get notified if Coils has been changed public interface IHoldingRegistersChangedDelegator { public void holdingRegistersChangedEvent(); } Interface has to be implemented to get notified if Holding Registers has been changed public interface ILogDataChangedDelegator { public void logDataChangedEvent(); } Has to be implemented[…]

Java ModbusServer – Methods

Package: Class: ModbusServer void Listen() throws IOException Method opens port and starts listening for incomming requests from client. void StopListening() Stops Server void setPort(int port) Sets Server Port void setFunctionCode1Disabled(boolean functionCode1Disabled) Disables Function Code 1 (Read Coils) void setFunctionCode2Disabled(boolean functionCode2Disabled) Disables Function Code 2 (Read Discrete Inputs) void setFunctionCode3Disabled(boolean functionCode3Disabled) Disables Function Code 3 (Read[…]

Java ModbusClient – Methods

Package: Class:  ModbusClient ModbusClient() Constructor – Executed when Object is created ModbusClient(string ipAddress, int port) Constructor – Executed when object is created Parameter ipAddress: IP-Address of Modbus-TCP Server Parameter port: Port of Modbus-TCP Server listening void Connect() Connects to the Modbus-TCP Server or Modbus-RTU Slave void Connect(string ipAddress, int port) Connects to the Modbus-TCP[…]