.NET ModbusServer – Events

Namespace:  EasyModbus Class:  ModbusServer   holdingRegistersChanged Occurs after the Holding Registers has been changed by a Client. The Method which is called by the delegate has to have two parameters: int registers and int numberOfRegisters Example:

coilsChanged Occurs after the coils has been changed by a Client. The Method which is called by the[…]

.NET ModbusServer – Methods

Namespace:  EasyModbus Class:  ModbusServer void Listen() Method opens port and starts listening for incomming requests from client. void StopListening() Stops Server public void DeleteRetainedMessages(string topic) Deletes all retained data from MQTT-Broker for a topic topic: Topic to delete  

.NET ModbusClient – Properties

Namespace:  EasyModbus Class:  ModbusClient bool Connected returns “TRUE” if client is connected to Server; otherwise “FALSE” string IPAddress Gets or Sets the IP-Address of the Server to be connected int Port Gets or Sets the Port were the Modbus-TCP Server is reachable (Standard is 502) bool UDPFlag Gets or Sets the UDP-Flag to activate Modbus UDP. byte UnitIdentifier Gets or[…]

.NET ModbusClient – Methods

Namespace:  EasyModbus Class:  ModbusClient Constructor  ModbusClient(string ipAddress, int port) Constructor for Modbus TCP and Modbus UDP connection. string ipAddress: Ip- Address of the Modbus TCP Server int port: Port of the Modbus TCP Server listening (Standard is 502) Constructor  ModbusClient( string serialPort) Constructor for serial connection (Modbus RTU). String serialPort: Name of the serial port to be used (e.g. “COM1”)[…]