December 17, 2015

Modbus communication library and components for .NET and JAVA

Fast and secure access from PC or Embedded Systems to many PLC-Systems and other components for industry automation. Only a few lines of codes are needed to read or write data from or to a PLC.

Additional Software tools e.g. Modbus Server Simulator, makes software development fast and easy.

Modbus TCP, Modbus UDP and Modbus RTU client/server library for .NET can be downloaded from: https://sourceforge.net/projects/easymodbustcp/

Modbus TCP, Modbus UDP client/server library for JAVA can be downloaded from: https://sourceforge.net/projects/easymodbustcp-udp-java/

Now available: Modbus RTU Slave for ATMEL ATMEGA microcontrollers.

EasyModbus Package can be downloaded from  and consists of:

.NET Library 

  • Modbus TCP Server and Client
  • Modbus UDP Server and Client
  • Modbus RTU Master and Slave

JAVA Library

  • Modbus TCP Server and Client
  • Modbus UDP Server and Client

Supported Function Codes:

– Read Coils (FC1)
– Read Discrete Inputs (FC2)
– Read Holding Registers (FC3)
– Read Input Registers (FC4)
– Write Single Coil (FC5)
– Write Single Register (FC6)
– Write Multiple Coils (FC15)
– Write Multiple Registers (FC16)
– Read/Write Multiple Registers (FC23)

Version history:

V2.3 HF2:
– Some measures to speed up Modbus RTU Master (integrated in Client-Class)

V2.3 HF1:
– Bugfixes changing Parity and Stopbits
– Default Slave-ID (unit identifier) is now “1”

– Bugfixes CRC-Checking Modbus RTU
– Client example shows RAW-Data

– Bugfixes Modbus RTU

– .NET Library now supports Modbus RTU Master and Slave
– integration of Modbus RTU Slave in ModbusTCP Server -Simulator
– Bugfixes

– Bugfixes for Modbus RTU-Client (Master)

– Bugfixes

– Client Class: Added property to change number of stop bits and parity

– Bugfix Write single Registers and Write single coil
– JAVA Client Version

– Added some static Methods to Read and Write Double (32Bit) Values.