.NET ModbusClient – Properties

Namespace:  EasyModbus
Class:  ModbusClient

bool Connected

returns “TRUE” if client is connected to Server; otherwise “FALSE”

string IPAddress

Gets or Sets the IP-Address of the Server to be connected

int Port

Gets or Sets the Port were the Modbus-TCP Server is reachable (Standard is 502)

bool UDPFlag

Gets or Sets the UDP-Flag to activate Modbus UDP.

byte UnitIdentifier

Gets or Sets the Unit identifier in case of serial connection (Default = 0)

int Baudrate

Gets or Sets the Baudrate for serial connection (Default = 9600)

Parity Parity

Gets or Sets the of Parity in case of serial connection

StopBits StopBits

Gets or Sets the number of stopbits in case of serial connection

int ConnectionTimeout

Gets or Sets the connection Timeout in case of ModbusTCP connection

string LogFileFilename

Gets or Sets the Filename for the LogFile. If the Filename is set, the LogData are stored in that file, otherwise no Logdata will be written